Mosquito Control in a Snap


Decisions, Decisions.

MistAway offers two models of its mosquito misting unit. No matter which unit you choose, rest assured that you are purchasing the most reliable and highest quality product in its class.  

Gen III+ Tankless Unit

Mosquito control couldn’t be easier. This innovation in backyard mosquito control is friendly to consumers and offers more flexibility and control over the mist. And it’s small enough to be placed anywhere in your backyard.  

Gen 1.3 Drum-Based Unit

Don’t let the fifty-five gallon drum fool you.We’ve engineered this unit with the same quality and attention to detail that goes into our Gen III+ tankless model.  A molded plastic enclosure and soft waterproof cover provide weather-tough protection for the system’s controller and other components. Like Gen III+, this unit can also be fitted with a number of options, including leak detection, a zoning kit, and a wind sensor.

Smarter Features

Mosquito misting systems are not created equal.


MistAway is the industry leader by a wide margin, and benefits from having the largest installed base of operating systems.  We let the ideas and experiences of our certified dealers – who have installed and continue to service thousands of our systems – drive our engineering and design.



If the solution is not mixed, the concentration can change from mist cycle to mist cycle and bacteria growth can compromise the insecticide in a hot, stagnant drum.  That’s why every MistAway unit can be configured to agitate the contents prior to each mist.



If your yard service cuts or nicks the tubing, it is possible for the solution to slowly siphon out of the reservoir and leak, unnoticed, into your yard.  Not with MistAway.  Our units are able to isolate the nozzle circuit and prevent siphons.

Leak Detection


Unless a misting system has been engineered to recognize a leak and shut down, it will pump solution through the cut and not through the nozzles.  Both our Gen 1.3 drum and GenIII+ tankless systems are capable of recognizing a cut line and suspending operation of the unit until the leak can be repaired.

Wind Sensing


Every MistAway System is designed to accommodate a wind sensor.  The controller is programmed to check the wind speed before each scheduled mist cycle.  If the wind is above a predetermined speed, the unit will go into hibernation until the next regularly scheduled cycle.

Botanical Insecticide

Botanical - Pyrethrin


The active ingredients in the insecticides most commonly used in MistAway’s systems are called pyrethrins, which are derived from the extract of a certain variety of chrysanthemum flowers.  When applied in a mist, pyrethrin flushes mosquitoes from foliage where they harbor and then impairs their nervous system.  Shortly after application, the pyrethrin is rapidly degraded by sunlight, leaving the yard free of residue.

Man-Made Botanical – Permethrin


Scientists have developed a synthetic variant of pyrethrin, called permethrin, that has most of the same characteristics.  An important difference is that the man-made permethrin is not as readily destroyed by sunlight and leaves a longer lasting residue.  This can be desirable if the mosquito activity is very high or in an application – like an outdoor restaurant – where the misting system should not run during the dusk cycle because people are present.

Pyrethrin Safety


Natural pyrethrin and synthetic permethrin are among the least poisonous insecticides to mammals, and are important ingredients in products commonly found in most homes, like household aerosols and pet shampoos. While pyrethrins are low in toxicity to people and pets, it is not a good idea to come into close or frequent direct contact with the mist.  In some people, inhalation can cause respiratory problems and skin contact can cause a rash.  That’s why on every MistAway System, you’ll see a caution sign the reads “Do not mist in the presence of people, pets or food.”

Misquito Control